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Celia Kritharioti


The dress and the venue; aren’t they the most important part of a wedding? Well, we have you covered because this editorial not only has it got dresses from one of the most talented Greek designers but also the location is a true hidden gem.

Located in the centre of Athens, Bageion is a former hotel dating back to the late 19th century. After being closed for more than 70 years, it opened its doors again for the Athens Biennale 2015-2017 and of course for our special photoshoot 🙂

We used the old “Ball Room” mainly because of its incredible natural light (we wanted to avoid using artificial lighting) and its history (I mean look at the texture of the walls and the gold mirror!). As stunning as the room is, we had to find a designer whose work is equally unique, and Celia Kritharioti was just the right person. Being the owner of the oldest Greek fashion house, her gowns are the ideal combination of femininity, finesse and elegance!

celia-kritharioti-wedding-dress-6 celia-kritharioti-wedding-dress-7

The Celia Kritharioti House of Couture is synonymous with sophisticated elegance, designing perfection and intriguing glamour.

celia-kritharioti-wedding-dress-3 celia-kritharioti-wedding-dress-9


celia-kritharioti-wedding-dress-8 editorial-celia-kritharioti-wedding-dress-1

In the early 1920s, the Bageion became a spiritual refuge for the young writers of the time and became an important place where a new generation of Greek Literature was formed.


celia-kritharioti-wedding-dress-4 editorial-celia-kritharioti


Art Direction: Love Me Tenderly/SGW

Photography: Anna Roussos

Models: Ace Models

Dresses: Celia Kritharioti

Jewellery: Poniros

Hair Stylist: Manos Katrinis

Make up Artist: Konstantinos Papadopoulos

Location: Athens, Greece

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The “Going Away Dress”

The process of choosing your wedding gown can often feel overwhelming. With so many types and styles available, it can get quite difficult to make the final decision. From ball-gowns to A-lines, traditional to modern, your “first look” is going to be defined by that one dress. But why should you limit yourself to that?

Introducing the “Going Away Dress”

Although changing from a wedding dress to a reception dress may seem like a recent trend, it actually goes back to the 1930s, where brides would change into a “Going Away Dress” for their grand exit close to the end of the reception. Guests would wish them well and the couple left to their honeymoon.

Today we can call it the “Cake Cutting”, “First Dance”, or “Reception” dress. A dress that is usually shorter, possibly more colourful and is meant to be worn towards the end of the reception to dance until the end of the night.

going away dress valentino going away dress sparklers going away dress Naeem Khan

Traditional Bridal Gown and festive Reception Dress

Absolutely love with the opportunity of being able to explore a completely different look! Think of colours, lengths, designers..

My suggestion is to change to your second dress during the cocktail hour, after you have had the portrait session in the wedding dress. While the guests are enjoying their drinks, you have time to change and touch up hair/make up before making your entrance at the reception.

going away dress first dance going away dress

Why I love the “Going Away Dress”

It’s practical. Imagine wearing a ball gown and having to dance all night

Opportunity to wear a fun, flirty party dress

A dress that you can actually wear again

It’s the official start of the party

There is no right or wrong

going away dress chanel going away dress

going away dress elie-saab going away dress boho going away dress valentino

Photo credits: 12345678910

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WP advice 5 : Plan your Ceremony

Don’t underestimate planning your ceremony, even though it may seem simple, it is an extremely important (and sometimes complex) part of every wedding day. From my experience, the best wedding ceremonies are those that truly are a reflexion of the couple, their personal style and their story.

But before getting into the details, there are some basic things to consider in the planning stages so that everything runs smoothly:


Aim for a place that means something special to you as a couple. If the venue is outdoors always have a plan B in case of bad weather.

Try to keep the ceremony venue/spot close to the reception venue. This will cut costs, simplify planning and cut down on logistics. If you cannot avoid the distance, provide transportation for the wedding guests.

wedding ceremony location - Italy indoors wedding ceremony location garden wedding ceremony location


A very important aspect that couples tend to ignore is the importance of the time they want to get married. Ask for your photographer’s opinion as the light has a great impact on the photos and always think of the comfort of the bridal party and the guests.

Preparation time

Have extra time than you think you need allotted to each part of the pre-wedding to-dos, 15-20 minutes at least! From hair and make up to detail shots, it is very easy to stay behind schedule and be late on the ceremony.

Tip: Have all the details ready so your photographer can get straight to work!

wedding ceremony inspiration wedding ceremony inspiration stationary  wedding ceremony preparation


Aisle and altar; the two high-impact areas of the ceremony! These are going to draw the most attention from both guests and the camera. Then use the rest of your budget on entrance and chairs.

Tip: think of arrangements that can later be moved to the reception venue. Great way to save money!

wedding ceremony aisle inspiration-ceremony-arch ceremony flower arrangement


Divide ceremony music in four parts: atmospheric music to set the mood for before and after the ceremony; the bridal entrance song; music for the “you may now kiss the bride” part and the song you’ll walk back down the aisle together as a married couple.

Extra Tips

Get to know the officiant ahead of time

Write your own vows

Ask a friend to do a reading

If you have a large bridal party, allow lots of time for the procession

wedding ceremony sign wedding ceremony flower girls wedding ceremony invitation

For more inspiration, follow our Pinterest board here!

Photo credits 123 456789 – 101112

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WP Advice 4 : Bridesmaid advice

This advice is not for the bride but for her girls! Being a bridesmaid is a lot more than walking down the aisle with your best friends. It can be emotional (I mean real drama situations), sometimes expensive, stressful (thinking of planning the perfect bachelorette party) and you have to be prepared. But at the same time it is a wonderful experience!

Let’s see some tips for being a kick-ass bridesmaid

Get organised – start with a timeline of the events and a to-do list

It’s not a competition “who can be the best bridesmaid”

Make sure each one of the bridesmaids knows exactly what she has to do. All of them!

Wear the dress – you don’t have to love it, just smile in it

Help the bride relax by doing something non-wedding-related together. Go out for drinks is always a good option

Be prepared on the wedding day! Have an emergency kit with you (safety pins-deodorant-lipgloss etc)

Be by the bride’s side all the time, and provide all the necessary emotional support

Finally, have a good time and enjoy yourself!

Bridesmaid inspiration - all white Bridesmaid inspiration - Alexandra Greco53223fbb8b496

5c1b19ec2d2876c178f7de3ee91fd12b Bridesmaid inspiration - the lane Bridesmaid inspiration -

Bridesmaid inspiration - pops of colour 1ea18009af8ccf8e9ce75eb38d13c379Bridesmaid dress ideas

tulle-formal-bridesmaid-dress Bridesmaid inspiration - cocktail timeBridesmaids - drape, texture, luxe fabrics and soft blush/gold and natural tones

Macarons elopement-with-a-gypsy-soul-bridemaid-dresses

Photo credits: 1 – 2 – 2b 34 – 5 – 6 – 7 – 8 – 910 – 1112 – 13

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Joyce & Nathan

As much as I love being a destination wedding planner, unfortunately, it has a downside that some times we meet our couples in person only a few days before the wedding. Our main way of communication is emails and Skype calls and for that reason we develop a very special and unique relationship with our couples. With Joyce this relationship began from the very first email we received from her, where she was describing her dream white Santorini wedding with enthusiasm and anxiety! Have you ever felt that you have known someone for years even if you have just met them?

From the beginning I loved all of her ideas and the way she wanted to incorporate greek elements to the decoration and styling of the wedding. The couple exchanged their vows in the small village of Oia, at a picturesque balcony overlooking the caldera. The dinner and reception was held at the veranda of their villa where we did our best to make sure that everything was as the bride had dreamed of – Joyce shared the same love with me for chairs and furniture, so we brought Louis style furniture from Athens.

Of course all of these had to be captured and the ideal person for this was no other than Anna Roussos. Enjoy the magic!

white santorini wedding anna roussos 1 white santorini wedding anna roussos 2

white santorini wedding anna roussos 3 white santorini wedding anna roussos 4

 white santorini wedding anna roussos 5 white santorini wedding anna roussos 6white santorini wedding anna roussos 7white santorini wedding anna roussos 8 white santorini wedding anna roussos 9white santorini wedding anna roussos 10

white santorini wedding anna roussos 11 white santorini wedding anna roussos 13white santorini wedding anna roussos 15

white santorini wedding anna roussos 16 white santorini wedding anna roussos 17

white santorini wedding anna roussos 18 white santorini wedding anna roussos 19


“Thank you”. We will certainly cherish these memories for a lifetime.

Santorini-real-wedding-370 Santorini-real-wedding-356Santorini-real-wedding-358Santorini-real-wedding-500Santorini-real-wedding-499

Santorini-real-wedding-459 Santorini-real-wedding-461

5 572


Wedding planning & Design: Santorini Glam Weddings

Photographer: Anna Roussos

Videographer: Xavier Roussos

Ceremony venue: Andronis Luxury Suites

Reception venue: Celestia Grand

Make up Artist: Renia Bledaki

Guitarist: Michalis Karamolegos

Furnitures: Zazoo Rentals

Dinnerware: White Lilac

Wedding cake: Alexandra’s cakes

Fireworks: Sky Light


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