Love Me Tenderly was born through my love for weddings and decoration, and as a wedding planner I tend to hear the phrase "no one will notice" a lot. But the truth is that it's not about people noticing. It's about creating a personal, intimate environment whether you have two guests or two hundred. It's about the moment your best friend says "this is so you". It's about using your grandmother's embroidered napkins and crystal cake stand, your grandfather's silk scarf to tie your bouquet, and your father's favourite song to dance with him. Ribbon, flowers, chairs, candles, they don't all have to mean something. Together, though, they surround your first moments as a married couple and your common life together. So maybe no one will notice the small flower from your garden at each place setting or that you have hand-written each name card, but that doesn't make it unnecessary. On the contrary, let's find ways to make these touches special and enjoy every step of the way!

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Lets get inspired and create passion projects, lets make memories to reminisce on.